Roof Painting Perth

InfraCOOL® Technology is Optional across most colours in the range.

InfraCOOL works by targeting the Suns infrared rays which account for approx. 50% of the Suns Total light energy hitting the roof.

By reflecting more light, InfraCOOL helps keep surfaces cooler and reduce heat buildup. For more information go to infracool.com.au

How Dulux® Cool Roof with InfraCOOL® Technology works


InfraCOOL® reflects more sunlight before it can be absorbed as heat. Because of their large surface area, and exposure, Roof surfaces can capture and radiate the sun’s energy.

InfraCOOL® Technology Commercial Applications


Air-conditioning represents almost a quarter of a commercial building’s energy consumption. By reducing the heat buildup on the roof surface it also reduces the temperature within the roof space hence reducing your energy consumption.