Residential Roofing Perth


Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what roof surface you have it will needmaintenance. Just as a tiled roof will start to crack and weather so to will an iron/Colorbond roof.

There are a variety of reasons you may require a maintenance on your Iron or Colorbond roof:

✓ Rusted sheets or Valleys
✓ Old and damaged flashings are very common




You may be asking yourself why the Tekscrews? Well, it’s very simple. The Tekscrews have a rubber seal that deteriorates in the sun causing them to crack and/or fall off allowing water to penetrate the roof.

Take a look at your iron/Colorbond roof… Do you have rusted Tekscrews?
This is a sure sign it’s time to do something. If a Tekscrew is rusting from the exterior then it will be corroding from the inside also. There is a reason rust is described as cancer for metal. It will spread from your Tekscrews into the underside of the roof sheet and start to corrode the sheet.

Don’t let a small maintenance job become an expensive fix!

Commercial Roofing Perth


Commercial roofing is no different to that of a residential roof and experiences the same natural causes of roof decay.

Revive Roof Restoration are equipped to ensure your roof is maintained and your business continues to function without the cost of expensive roof repairs.