Roof Restoration Perth

Where do we come from?


Revive Roof Restoration WA is a Perth based Roof Restoration Company.

Director and owner Keith Harrison first stepped foot on a roof back in 1994 and after a short time out of the industry returned to run a large sub-contract team servicing a number of the major restoration companies at the time.

Recently described as one of only a few to be trained in all aspects of roof restoration, Keith has been a part of the evolution of the industry, seeing new products and techniques evolve over time. He has had the benefit of working with a number of different organisations and this experience has been integral in the development of the Revive Roof Restoration methodology.

Unhappy with the way the industry sub-contracted the work out and the level of service provided prompted Keith to start what is now one of the most reputable Roof Restoration Companies in Perth. One of the largest consumers of Dulux coatings Revive continues to grow and provide a customer focused service to Western Australia.

Keith continues with his hands on approach to Revive and is present at almost every worksite.


The Team

Our team are trained and nationally certified at:
➢ Work Safely at Heights RIIWHS204D
➢ Enter and Work in Confined Spaces RIIWHS202D
➢ Elevated Work Platform (EWP) TLILIC2005A
➢ Construction WhiteCard

Select members of our team have other specific training and qualifications including:
➢ Registered Painting Contractor
➢ Qualified Roof Plumber
➢ Safety Anchor installation
➢ Project Manager

To give back to our community we have also recently partnered with the Department of Training and Workforce Development to provide the opportunity for apprenticeship training.

Here at Revive Roof Restoration, we have a team that will deliver above expectations every time.